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This will be the last post on this blog. I am happy to say that my brand new website and blog went live today! The new blog contains all the posts from this one – plus everything from today forward. I think you’ll enjoy the bright, happy colors and the beautiful designs and textures of the new blog. Elise Beall Photography hasn’t changed – but my look has. To see the new blog go to the main Elise Beall Photography website and click on the blog button. And to make life easier for you if you visit often, you can subscribe to the blog and be notified when new posts are made.

I love to read your comments, so come over to the new blog and leave me a message!



Girl Scouts

On Thursday evening, I had the pleasure of hosting the meeting for Girl Scout Troop 148.  This troop meets at St. Anne’s – the very place my daughter, Megan, went to Brownies about two decades ago.  The leader,  Jennifer Cramer, contacted me about a month ago and inquired about the possibility of having me speak to the troop about photography.  It sounded like fun to me – so I was in.  But instead of going to St. Anne’s, I had them come to my home so I would have plenty of pictures and my computer available.  The girls were very attentive and well-behaved.   I spent time telling them about the differences between film and digital cameras, the proper care of cameras, and how to take, download and edit images.  We spent quite a bit of time discussing composition so that they can go out and take their own pictures to earn their merit badge.

Here is Troop 148!


I’m not sure what they enjoyed most . . . looking at before and after pictures or the pizza I fed them for dinner.  To be honest, it was probably the pizza.  I just hope they enjoyed the meeting as much as I did.



I have been looking forward to Miller’s arrival for weeks. I first visited him the day he turned one week old. When I see a new baby I can rarely decide who he looks like. This is certainly not the case with Miller. At first glance, all I could see was Bob! Of course, it really didn’t matter who Miller looked like – he was bound to be beautiful with parents like Bob and Jessica. And Jessica and Bob are just like new parents all over the world . . . sleep deprived! They are very proud of their handsome young man, too. When I visited on Sunday, Miller was cuddled up with Jessica after being fed. When I asked how Miller was doing, Jessica’s response, “He’s very sweet during the day” made me laugh. I don’t know many parents who haven’t felt the same way.

Yesterday, Lynda (Miller’s grandmother) and I had a grand time taking pictures of him. Before I left, we had nearly destroyed the house and Miller had wet on several blankets. You see, I like my newborns as naked as the moment they were born. I love baby skin. But when you show all that skin, you are bound to get wet on at least once.


Miller has lots of wrinkles – like a little old man. He was sleeping when I arrived, but when we took his clothes off and started taking pictures he woke up and stayed awake the rest of the session. He was very wide eyed and mobile. For a week old, he’s very active. He picks his head up and turns it over and flails his arms and legs constantly. Miller just couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t leave him alone. One of my favorite pictures was right after I started our session. This isn’t a cry . . . it’s a huge yawn!





I absolutely love baby hands and baby feet, so I had to do some detail shots of Miller’s. I wanted to take other detail shots, but Miller was just too wiggly.




I’ll finish up with a shot of Miller’s nursery. I knew that with Jessica’s sense of style, the nursery would be a showplace. And I was right! I love the colors and fabric designs and textures. When Miller is old enough to appreciate it, he will love his room.


I am sure Miller will be tired of me taking pictures of him, but I look forward to seeing him grow. And I’ll be there, camera in hand, documenting the changes.



Don’t you just hate obnoxious grandmothers? You know the type . . . their grandchild is the cutest, the sweetest, the most well-behaved, and on and on. I am so surprised that my friend, Chris, has turned into one of “those” grandmothers. When she e-mailed to tell me she was coming from Michigan for a visit, she told me all about Kayla, her only grandchild who lives here in Jacksonville. I just knew there couldn’t be a baby as cute and as good as the one Chris described, but I was looking forward to meeting her anyway. We met for lunch on Friday and I hate to admit it – but Chris was not exaggerating. Kayla is absolutely adorable and she has the best disposition I have ever encountered. She just smiled and made faces at all of us throughout the meal. She did flirt a little with the waiters so I worry about her when she is older, but she was the perfect lunch companion – even with a terrible cold.

We had not planned for me to do pictures of Kayla on this visit. I’m more of an outdoor, casual type of photographer, so Chris was going to have more formal portraits made this visit. However, Kayla woke up on Saturday morning feeling miserable. They stopped by my house later in the day to return a chair Chris had borrowed and were quite disappointed that they weren’t going to get portraits made this visit. We decided to throw my backdrop up in my den and let Miss Kayla just play. We weren’t at all sure that we would get any usable pictures because Kayla’s little nose was running, her eyes were watery, and she had a raspy cough. Even so, Kayla was the happiest little thing I’ve ever seen. We were able to get quite a few good pictures of Kayla before she was completely worn out. And with the wonder of PhotoShop, I was able to get rid of visual evidence of Kayla’s cold.

Here is a sneak preview of Kayla’s unplanned session.









OK, I have to admit that Chris isn’t THAT obnoxious a grandmother. To be honest, she’s not nearly as bad as I plan to be when I have a grandchild. In fact, I’m already practicing with my granddog. Have I told you about Max the wonder-dog?


kelly and kline

Kelly’s mom, Doreen, called me a few weeks ago to set up a newborn session for Kelly and Kline. At the time Kline had not made her arrival, but Doreen wanted to set up a special session for her. You see, Kline’s father is serving our country in Iraq and could not be here for her birth. As luck would have it, he called just as Kelly was in the delivery room having Kline. He wasn’t able to witness the birth, but he heard Kelly pushing and listened to Kline’s arrival. Can you even imagine what he was thinking as he heard Kline’s first cry? It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. While nothing we can do will make up for him missing the birth, hopefully beautiful newborn portraits will help.

Kline was very well-behaved for her first formal portrait session. She was the most alert and active newborn I have ever seen! She absolutely refused to go to sleep which would have made the session a little easier. But little Miss Kline was afraid she would miss something fun if she napped, so she stayed wide awake for the entire session. She is also about the squirmiest baby I’ve seen. There was no keeping her in one spot for long. I thought at one point that this precious, tiny baby girl was going to roll right over. I have a feeling she’s going to give Kelly a run for her money in a year or two. And in about 13 years, she’s going to keep her father busy. Kline is adorable with lots of dark hair that sticks out all over her head, huge blue eyes, and a dimple right in the center of her chin. I can’t get over how much she looks like her mother and her grandmother. But enough talk – meet Kline.







Notice the yawn in that last picture? I thought that meant that Kline was going to finally nap. But no, Kline was awake for the duration of the session. She’s just a party animal, I guess.


carolina girls . . . best in the world!

One of the things I love about portrait photography is getting to know my clients while we are shooting. When I meet seniors, one of the questions I always ask is where they would like to go to college next year. I am always excited when they answer, “Carolina.” Many of them already know that I graduated from Carolina because I’ve mentioned it often on my blog. If they didn’t catch it on my blog, the big UNC license plate on the front of my car probably gives them some idea of where my allegiance lies. When Hayley and Sarah mentioned that they wanted to go to Carolina, both were nervous about being accepted. When I asked about their grades, SAT and extracurricular activities (I’m just a little nosey) I was amazed. These young women are extremely bright and have initiative and motivation to spare, so I never had a doubt that they would be excellent additions to the Tarheel Family.

I was honored this week when Sarah’s mom and Hayley called to give me the great news. Hayley and Sarah were both accepted during the early admission process. I am incredibly proud of them for setting goals and working their hardest to make it happen. So here’s a shout out for Hayley and Sarah! Yay!!!



I’d love to hear from my other seniors when you determine where you are going to school. Just let me know and you’ll get a shout out, too.

And for those of you who are not Beach Music fans, the title of this post is from a very old General Johnson and The Chairman of the Board song.


january sale

Can you believe that January is nearly over! I better post my January sale or it will be too late.

The January sale is a discount on portrait session fees. If you book a session now, scheduled for March through May, you will receive $40 off your session fee. You must schedule your session and pay the nonrefundable retainer by Sunday, February 1 in order to take advantage of the sale.

Elise Beall Photography will be closed the weekend of January 23-25. The best time to contact me to schedule your session is Monday through Thursday from 5:00-800 PM. If you get my answering machine, just leave a message and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. If you get my husband, all bets are off 🙂   Honestly, Rusty is pretty good about giving me messages.  If you leave a message on the machine or with Rusty and you don’t hear from me within 48 hours, try calling again.  It means I didn’t receive your message.  Call 910-455-0465 to schedule your portrait session.

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